Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shehr-e-Roghan (Gondrani Caves)

Shehr-e-Roghan (Gondrani Caves)

 Shehr-e-Roghan  or Gondrani caves are found near Bela city in Balochistan province of Pakistan.These caves are located at a distance of 18 kms from Bela and 175 kms from Karachi. These are ruins of ancient and mythical town, which were built in 7th century. During the era of  British rule there were about 1500 caves but now a days barely 500 caves are left.To reach these mysterious caves, a gravel road from Bela city headed towards a small stream, whose sides are surrounded with hundreds of cave houses.

These caves are built in several levels. Pathway connect together the caves. The caves are consisted of one small room with hearths and wall niches for lamps. There are also some with front porch. The ceilings are all darkened from wood smoke.

There are many local mystical lengends. Some says it is a city of jinns, while others claim that this was a was a huge Buddhist monastery because 1000 yrs before Buddhism had flourished in this area.

There is another legend about this was the city There was a king who had beautiful daughter during the reign of King Solomon. Her name was Badiul Jamal.. She was agonized by six hideous demons who attempted to carry her off. Seven heroes came to her rescue, but all died trying to save her. Then prince Saif-ul-Muluk ride into the scene, conquered the demons and free the princess.