Monday, November 19, 2012

HANNA LAKE QUETTA (Balochistan-Pakistan)

Hanna Lake is a lake near Quetta city in Balochuistan province of Pakistan. It is surrounded by mountains which gives it a beautiful look. This beautiful lake is14 km from Quetta. and a little short of the place where the Urak Valley begins. The water of lake gives turquoise reflection within bare brown surroundings. Quetta's sightseeing can not be complete with out visiting Hanna lake.

 The Hanna Lake was built in the time of British Empire in 1894. A reservoir was Constructed by the British Empire. In 1894, a small action dam Surrpull (Red Bridge) was constructed on main Urak road for converting of water into Hanna Lake coming from the Zarghoon Mountains range, of streams, snow melting and rains through main channel. At one end, the irrigation dam rises out of the depths like battlements of a fort.

Hanna Lake is very attractive place. There is no better place to visit than Hanna Lake. It gives a sensational experience and a great day out.

There is a lakeside restaurant shaded by pine trees. From this restaurant one can sit and enjoy beautiful views around at the Lakeside.

In the middle of lake is a small Island which gives unique identity to this lake. The lake  has a fleet of boats and pedal boats, One can hire a boat and paddle boat on the lake and go around the island of this lake. The lake and its surroundings are ideal for for  hikers and campers.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lakes of Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Baghsar Lake

Baghsar is beautiful place, 12 kilometres in the east of Samahni town and a same distance away from Jandichontra. Baghsar is a lake situated at 975 m above sea-level in the Samahni Valley, Bhimber District. The lake is roughly half a kilometer long and overlooks the Bandala Valley. The lake is a popular tourist destination. There is a huge granite built fort known as baghsar fort. Moghul Fort overlooks the lake from the top of a hill.
Many local and migratory birds, especially ducks and geese, inhabit the lake. The lake is habitat to water lilies, and the surrounding hills are covered by cheerh, or pine trees and lily flowers.

Banjosa Lake


Banjosa Lake  is an artificial lake and a tourist attraction 20 kilometers (12 mi) from the city of Rawalakot in District Poonch in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 1,981 meters (6,499 ft).  The lake is surrounded by densely pine forest and mountains, which make its very charming and romantic. The weather in this area remains cool and pleasant in summers, and cold and chilly in Winter. In December and January snowfall also occurs there.

The Banjosa Lake is accessible by a metallic road from Rawalakot. Some rest houses and huts of AJK Tourism & Archaeology Department, Pakistan Public Works Department and Pearl Development Authority are located there for stay. Few hotels and tuck shops are also exists. 


Chitta Katha Lake


The Chitta Katha Lake is a lake in Shonter valley in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 4,100 meters (13,500 ft).  Common route followed by the tourists is through kel. There is a road from Kel to Shounter Valley. Besides the lake it’s the Lush green meadows, filled with wild alpine grass and flowers, which increases the beauty of this Lake.

 Chitta Katha Lake is only accessible in the months of July and August.


Lunda Lake 


It is located in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Mangla Lake in Mirpur Azad Kashmir


Mangla Lake is in Mirpur azad kashmir, it constructed in 1960's decade. Mangla is situated in Mirpur District, Azad Kashmir at the edge with Jhelum district Punjab, with Jhelum river making the border line. Mangla is an olden town and is named after Mangla Devi. It is also the site of crossing of river Jhelum by Alexander forces in front of Raja Porus. At the time of creation of Mangla dam, towns of Baral, Baruti and Thill across the river in Jhelum district were developed as housing colonies and offices for overseas employees and officials. This has now been transformed to a armed cantonment and referred as Mangla cantonment.

Mangla is positioned 10 km from Mirpur city at the mouth of the Mangla Dam. The construction of the Dam lake, which has a outer limits of 400 km, has turned it into a place of interest. The Mangla Dam water storage and power generation project was the start of the construction of jumbo projects in Pakistan. Mangla also hosts the Mangla Power Station which is second biggest in Pakistan and 12th biggest in the world.

Mangla is also the site of famous Mangla castle. The castle is situated on a high hill overlooking Jhelum river in-between Mirpur and Jhelum districts. Most of the castle was razed during the assembly of Mangla Dam, a fraction remained and served as a public leisure place. It is now closed to common public due to Mangla dam upraising project.


Hansraj lake

It is located in Azad Kashmir Pakistan.




RatiGali Lake


Ratti Gali Lake in Ratti Gali, a trek from Noori top, Northern Areas into Kashmir, Pakistan, at the elevation of 13000-14000 feet above sea level. From Dowarian 22Km above Athmuqam a track leads 30km upto 4140 meter high Rati Gali Pass or Ratti Pass and on towards Lalazar pleatue in Kaghan valley. Near the pass is The Ratti Gali Sar, an alpine lake. Sar means lake.




 This valley and trek is Alpine Meadow/Himalayan tundra, around august these green pastures are filled with wild alpine grass and flowers and some orchids. In winter this valley is covered with white snow and big chunks of Glacier floats in the dark blue magical water like huge swans.Mr. Mustansar Hussain Tarar, a famous writer from Pakistan, calls this Lake, A Dream Lake. He writes about The Ratti Gali Lake in one of his columns, “When you want to pay the highest tribute possible to a painter or an actor, you say he is the painter’s painter or actor’s actor, so I will say