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Keamari Town is the main coastal town and one of the oldest areas of Karachi. 

It is located in the central and western parts of the city, including the Port of Karachi and an extensive coastline with sandy beaches, small islands and mangrove forests. 

It does not include the southern island of Manora which is under cantonment administration because of the naval base located there. The town forms a large triangle with highly defined boundaries – the RCD Highway and the Lyari River forming the northeastern border, the Hub River forming the northwestern border and the Arabian Sea forming the southern border.

Native Jetty Bridge is bridge in Keamari Town of Karachi.

Most of the Kiamari neighbourhoods are densely populated with two exceptions. One is Baba Bhit, which is composed of three small islands in Karachi Habour and another is Gabo Pat which is mostly rural.

Following are re small villages in the rural area of Keamari.
  1. Abdul Rehman Goth
  2. Arbian
  3. Baba Bhit
  4. Bhutta Village
  5. Darvesh Goth
  6. Gabo Pat
  7. Goth Faqir Mohammad
  8. Goth Ghulam Mohammad
  9. Goth Haji Behram
  10. Goth Haji Jumma Khan
  11. Goth Haji Salar
  12. Goth Mauladad
  13. Goth Mohammad Ali
  14. Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad
  15. Haji Ali Goth
  16. Jamali Goth
  17. Kakapir
  18. Kiamari
  19. Machar Colony
  20. Maripur
  21. Masroor Colony
  22. Rais Goth
  23. Rehman Goth
  24. Salehabad
  25. Shams Pir
  26. Sher Shah
  27. Somar Goth
  28. Sultanabad

Manora Island sits a short ferry ride from Keamari Harbour,the entrance to Karachi's busy port. It lies approximately 15-20 minutes by boat ride.

Karachi Nuclear Power Plants (KANUPP)

The Karachi Nuclear Power Plant are located in Keamari Town. The KANUPP-I was built in 1972.While KANUPP-2 and KANUPP-3, are under construction.

Night View of lights of Karachi city in deep sea coming from Manora Island to Keamari harbor.