Saturday, April 5, 2014

Manora Island

Manora is a 2.5 km².peninsula located near Karachi city in Sindh province of Pakistan. This small Island lies towards south of the Port of Karachi.

Manora Island is connected to the mainland by a 12 kilometer long causeway called the Sandspit. Manora and neighboring islands form a protective barrier between Karachi harbor to the north and the Arabian Sea to the south. 

The western bay of the harbor contains mangrove forests which border the Sandspit and Manora island. To the east are Karachi Bay and the beach towns of Kiamari and Clifton.
Manora Island sits a short ferry ride from Keamari Harbour,the entrance to Karachi's busy port. It lies approximately 15-20 minutes by boat ride.

Manora island has a small beach.It is a popular picnic spot because of the long sandy beaches along the southern edge of the island, which merge into the beaches of the Sandspit and then extend several kilometers to the beaches at Hawkesbay. There are food stalls around the beach.

There is a Varun Dev Mandir at the Manora Island. The temple is devoted to Varuna, the god of the oceans in Hindu mythology. The temple construction may be thousands of years old.

There is a tallest lighthouse (28 m or 91 feet (28 m) high in Pakistan at the southeastern end of Manora island.
The island of Manora has served for more than 50 years as the main base of the Pakistan Navy, with berths for naval vessels located along the eastern edge of the island. The island has been governed as a military cantonment.

The main reason to come to Manora Island is to enjoy the sea breezes on the ferry trip out here. Boats in the harbour also run longer trips in deep sea.

Beautiful view of Sunset at Manora Beach

Night View from Manora Island

Karachi city view in night from Manora Beach

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