Thursday, March 24, 2011

Archaeological site (Pakistan)


Chaukundi Tombs

Chaukundi is located at a distance of 27 kms from Karachi (Pakistan) on
National Highway.It is a famous ancient graveyard. It is around 600 years old ancient site, attributed to Jokhio and Baluch tribes. The distinguish features of these tomb graves is its marvelous carving and engraving with various designs.


The Chaukhandi graveyard spreads over an area of two square miles and contains tombs of certain warriors of Baloch families settled in this area some time during the 17th and 18th centuries A.D. Chaukundi  means four corners, which is due to its stepped rectangular shape. The tombs are two and half feet wide, 5to 8 ft long and 4 to 14 ft high. 

The tombs are built of yellow sand stones. This extraordinary work is masterpiece of handmade craft. The entire tombs are craved with geometric designs that cover the whole surface. The design and color composition of slabs are very impressive. The intricate carving in geometric designs is unique and its delicacy carving gives the impression of wood carving. This unique style has made this graveyard a place as art gallery for artistic mind persons.

Those who create this pattern and design must be highly skillful persons and must have aesthetic sense.  It is the reason that after so many years these carving designs are still popular in different medium of art. These designs are very delicate and elegant.


The designs and pattern on these Tombs indicates the status and the difference between men and women graves. Mostly the Canopy tombs are of chiefs of the tribe.  The inner side of the roof is carved in spiral pattern. The tomb slab of women are embellished with design of jewelers such as earrings, necklace, rings, anklet, bracelet and pendent etc. The men tombs are carved with design of turban style pattern, carved with arms and weapon, horses and their riders. The tombs also contain floral and abstract designs. There are thousands of varieties of these exquisite design carved on slabs of tombs.

It is interesting to mention, that these tombs’s carving designs and patterns are widely use these days in almost every field of art and craft. These designs are highly valuable and extreme popular in jewelers, textile, pottery, wood, clay or just plain paper.

Due to its delicacy of carving and engraving work and it is importance as an archaeological site, Government of Pakistan printed these Tomb’s floral pattern on 100 rupee currency note. The floral print is on the both sides of the note. This indicates the importance of this place.

Chaukundi Tombs are like gold mine for artist, designers, architects, crafters and all those are associated to art industry. It is not only our archeological treasure but it also serves as learning institute. Not only the sightseeing astonishes the viewer but also thousand of designs idea can be generate from these carvings. It is best site for creative persons.

Chaukundi is our national treasure. The graves are the masterpieces of stone carvings. We should realize its importance and its beneficial uses in almost all aspect of creativeness. We should work for its preservation and be always thankful for having such a beautiful archaeological place in our country.

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