Thursday, April 21, 2011



Kunri town is located in Sindh province of Pakistan. Kunri is famous for its largest production of excellent red chili .Kunri is a small town and is about 300 miles (480 km) from Karachi. It has a population of about 100,000, composed of mostly Muslims; however, there is a large Christian, Kashmiri, and Hindu minority.

Kunri is relatively cold in winter. In summer the temperature is very hot, reaching up to 46 Celsius, and dust storms are frequent. The average rainfall is about 100 millimeters.

Kunri has a conservative culture. Some Hindu and even Christian women wear ghagra and the bangles from shoulders to wrists, as is the cultural and historical dress. It is uncommon for women of Kunri to work outside their homes; most of their work is handicraft. Much of these chilies are picked by Hindus, who form bulk of labor in and around Kunri. These laborers also bring in their children for collecting chilies.

Kunri's economy is mostly based on agriculture. The most popular crop is the red chili, which sustains the financial structure of the town .Kunri is known as the biggest red chili market in Pakistan. Much of this chili is exported to countries around the world. Other grades are sold locally in markets from Karachi to Peshawar Apart from this; the region produces different types of crops, including red chilies, cotton, sunflower, sugar cane, and mangoes. There are few small and one big (and solvent) cooking oil plant located in Kunri, most of which only provide employment to needy people in the city.

Transportation in this town consists mostly of rickshaws, three-wheeled motorcycles, and bicycles. Jeeps are widely used instead of cars in this area .Air-conditioned coaches have been running from Kunri to Karachi, which makes travel much easier than from other small towns. Recently, the transportation system has been improved even further. Kaykra" desert runner trucks are used to travel in the desert area near Kunri, while there are many services for transportation of Goods, including crops. These various efforts are improving the transportation of goods between cities.

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  1. Kunri Town is located in sindh Pakistan. It is the 5th largest production of Red chili.