Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Garam Chashma (Lotkoh Valley- Chitral)

There is a  hot water spring in Lotkoh valley of Chitral. It is called Garam Chashma. The hot spring is also known the Sulphur Spring.Garam Chashma is popular for its healing touch. Boiling Sulphur springs of Garam Chashma are well-known for their healing effect for diseases such as gout, chronic headaches, rheumatism and skin diseases. For centuries the water has been use as a natural medication to cure many an ailment. Many people visit from all over the world to take a healing bath. 

 The beautiful village of the sub-valley Lotkoh, where the spring is located, has been named as Garam Chashma (hot spring). It is located at an elevation of 1859 meters.

  The hot water was fist cooled in the tubs and then it was used. The government has constructed a number of public bathrooms in the vicinity of the spring while the water is also taken in hoses to the bathrooms of nearby hotels and a rest house. 
 Usually patients takes three to four baths daily in three days. After a bath they had to keep themselves warm and avoid exposing themselves to cold air. It is said that the water is more useful for women and most of the visitors coming for a bath are women. It is an assumption that it slightly harmful for young people to bath in this hot spring water.
  Lotkuh river flows through Garam Chashma village and it is most beautiful and spectacular view. Garam Chashma is known as one of the best picnic spots in Chitral due to its superb natural beauty. It provide the tourists an opportunity of eco-tourism of the area and besides the bath they could enjoy trout fishing in the stream. Lotkuh river is abounds in trout fishes but for fishing permits are required which are issued by Fisheries Department.

 There is a small shrine of a Sufi saint who is brought Islam to this area.  
 Chitral is famous for its soft hand-woven woolen material known as ‘Shu”, which is available in white black, gray and neutral colours. The best variety is made in Mogh in Lotkuh.
The best season to visit is from March 21 and continue for two months of the spring season.

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