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Parachinar is the capital of Kurram Agency, and the largest city of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. 

The name Parachinar comes from a big Chinar tree (Maple tree) at a place. A tribe known as the Para Chamkani, used to convene their meetings under this Chinar tree to resolve their social matters. So that's how this city named as Parachinar. The old name of Parachinar is Tutki, when Kurram was a part of Afghanistan. The inhabitants of Tutki are called Tutkiwal, the Afghan people call it Tutki

Parachinar is situated on a neck of Pakistani territory south of Peshawar, that juts into Paktia Province of Afghanistan. It is the closest point in Pakistan to Kabul and borders on the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan.
Parachinar has a moderate humid subtropical climate  with much higher rainfall than most areas of Pakistan  During the winter, snowfall is common, and frosts occur on most mornings. Snow closes the Peiwar Pass, located on the Paktia border just over 20 km west of Parachinar, for up to five months per year.

The population consisted of largely pashto speaking Syed, Turi, Bangash, Orakzai, Mangal, Para Tsamkani, Zazai, Malekhel, Ghilzai, Muqbil, Hazara, Khoshi and as well as a Sikh community. Turi, Bangash, Orakzai, Zazai, Mangal and Para Tsamkani are the major tribes in Parachinar.

The principal mountain range in the agency is the Koh-e-Safaid or Spinghar with highest peak of Sikaram Sar 4,728 meters height which forms a natural boundary and water shed with Afghanistan. It remains covered with snow through out the years. 

South of the Peiwar Kotal the hills of the Mandher range rise gradually till they drop the south–west corner of the plateau at Kharlachi, the point where Kurram River enters the valley. Parachinar is a big market for the people of surrounding areas. It is also famous for timber and dry fruits. 

Parachinar Airport is located at about a 25 minute drive from the center of Parachinar, FATA Pakistan. It is the only airport in FATA that is served by any passenger airline

Zeran Dam
Zeran dam is located to the north-east of Prachinar. It is also famous for its scenic beauty. This reservoir served water for Parachinar town before the construction of Malana dam, still the dam contributes much water to a large part of the town Parachinar.

Malana Dam 
Malana Dam is located in the north of Parachinar town. Most of the population of Parachinar town depend on this reservoir.It is famous picnic resort .A guest house is built here.

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