Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thal desert

The Thal desert is situated in the central Punjab province of Pakistan. Thal desert is the third largest desert in Pakistan.  It is a vast desert. It covers an estimated area of 20,000 Square km,  having total length from north to south 190 miles, and its maximum breadth 70 miles (110 km) while minimum breadth is 20 miles having many towns.

Thal desert has vast area mainly situated between the Jhelum and Sindh rivers on its western and eastern flanks respectively and, in the north it meets the foothills of Salt Range of Potohar Plateau. This region is divided into the districts of Bhakkar, Khushab, Mianwali, Jhang, Layyah, and Muzaffargarh. Its part in Jhang is on the left bank of the river Jhelum

There are many towns in Thal. Main towns are Murshid Abad Shareef, Roda Thal, Mankera, Hyderabad Thal, Dullewala, Mehmood Shaheed, Shah Wala, Shahi Shumali, Piplan, Kundian, Chowk Azam, Sarai Muhajir, Jiasal, Rangpur, Adhi Kot, Jandanaala, Mari Shah Sakhira, Noorpur Thal, Kapahi, Goharwala 

There are many tribes in the dessert region Main tribes of people living in are  the Ghullo,Wahla (Jutt), Rajpoot, Panwaar, Saigra, Khokhar, Cheenna(Jutt), Sandhila (jutt), Naich (Jutt), Aheer, Bhachar, Johiya, Mammak, Chhina,[Kulachi Baloch], Baloch, Tiwana, Sial, Baghoor, Awans, Rahdari, Uttra (Jutt), Bhullar, Lashari, Kanyal, Jhammat, Gahi(Malik), mehr, Waghra Aulakh, Majoka, Magsi and Pushia.

Most of the area is barren wasteland with scanty drought resistant trees, shrubs and grasses.

The main activity in the region is cattle rearing. 

But considerable efforts have been made, through building the greater Thal Canal and tube welling to bring considerable desert areas under cultivation Some areas are  provided canal water for irrigation from the connecting rivers, so some agriculture is also done in those areas.  

The roads network in Thal desert is well established and people are living more settled lifestyle, widely practicing irrigated and rain-fed agriculture.

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