Friday, November 20, 2015

Chotiar Reservoir Lake

Chotiari Dam is an artificial water reservoir It is locate 35 km away from Sanghar city in the province of Sindh 

Chotiari  lake has  rich biodiversity and a junction complex of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of deep water, shallow marshes, riverine forest, ephemeral channels, agriculture land and sand dunes Chotiari compassing north western flanks of 'Achro Thar' desert sand dunes that forms its north eastern & eastern boundaries and images a consoling picture in contrast with quaint rainbow beauty of charming hamlets with artistic cone-shaped straw cottages, encircled with silken sand dunes and eastern edge of lower

Nara Canal which forms its western and southern margins with an astonishing nature view of riverine forest and agriculture lands with colorful bird. 

Nara  Caaal
Chotiari  is a unique system of lakes, swamps, sand dunes; the islands, old trees and wetlands  in the adjoining patches 120 feet existed in the lakes. of Achro Thar, lower Nara canal and sand dunes elevated upto sand dunes elevated upto 120 feet existed in the lakes.

It is also wetland and habitation of birds, reptiles and small mammals.It was having a significant population of Chinkara, Houbara, bustard, Desert cat, Fishing cat, Caracal, Porcupine, Wild boar, Mangrove, Desert hare, Foxes, Jackal, wild ases and Squirrels In the same sequence, it was considered a safe sanctuary for hog dear, python and various extinct species and nesting & feeding grounds for a variety of resident and enormous migratory Siberian birds, out of which marbled teal was using it as breeding place. Chotiari has also a unique opportunity to be the home place of Sindh warbler which is endemic to Sindh

Chotiari Dam has a rare ecosystem Inside the  Chotiari is nature at its best providing a sanctuary for migratory birds, a heaven for star gazers, home to different species of fish. 

Chotiari Dam can be accessed from two different sides. One is to reach Jamrao Head, locally called “Mundh Jamrao” which is approximately 80 km from Nawabshah city, and then take road along with Ranto Canal, a tributary of Nara Canal to reach north embankment. The second option is to go to Sanghar city and then reach Achro, the official entrance of Chotiari reservoir.

Before the construction of reservoir this site was home to few natural lakes were fed by tributaries of Nara Canal

The main purpose of construction this dam is discharging saline water of Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD). The dam is extended to 24300 acres with storage capacity of 0.75 million acre feet


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